Turbine Testing: A dedicated front end for a high resolution medium speed pressure and temperature data capture system.

Combustion Analysis: The existing pressure transducer produced some unwanted signal characteristics.

Wind Tunnel: This system provides 255 steps of filtering, with isolation between each channel.

Rail Signaling: For this special application the customer required in the field measurement of 50 Hz currents in rail signaling circuits.



Special Connectors: A Kemo 21 Series 18 slot rack fitted with customer requested multi-pin connectors for both input and output.

Medical Application: For high accuracy anti-aliasing in a quadrature down-conversion medical system.

Brake Acoustics: This application from a Kemo customer was for a filter system to optimize signal processing for a brake acoustic testing rig.



Production Testing: During automatic production leak testing of small disposable medical devices, higher than expected failure rates were seen.

SAE J211 Filters: These systems have usually been added to existing measurement systems. 

ISO 2631 Module: Outputs for velocity and acceleration make for easy integration into many data analysis systems.