Kemo has been manufacturing filters and filter systems since 1965. There are tens of thousands of systems installed and in use, some of them more than 20 years old, and still functioning. Maybe yours? ( How old is the PC you are viewing this page on? ) So far the oldest working Kemo filter system we know of was made in June 1971.  That is 45 years ago as this is written!

How many other electronic based systems do you have that outlast our products?


We try to support as many of the older products as we can, however technology moves on. Kemo filter systems use components that were the best available when they were made, however after more than 10 years in use some of these age and change their performance. Most often, some of the parts are no longer available. We are not practiced in adjusting and setting up systems we no longer make, and they may not have interfaces which we can connect to our Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).  So if you have an older system, we will try to help, but for so many reasons we cannot offer calibration or repair if it is inoperable.


We will always try to support older systems, however it is not always a simple job, and we would not usually offer to calibrate older systems, but rather provide a functional check which shows that the filter is working.

In the unlikely event of wanting to return a system to us please check with us first.