Why Kemo? The World Leader in Analogue Filtering Products Offers PDF Download Image 3

• Extensive Range of Products with additional signal conditioning features- amplification, IEPE
• Models with switchable highpass and lowpass feature as well as switchable filter shape
• DC Power is optionally available for offsite usage such as in vehicle applications
• All of our products come with a set of standard choices for the filter response to meet your needs
• When you acquire a Kemo unit you typically acquire the equivalent of several units
• You save money acquiring a versatile Kemo unit for a varied protocol lab or other usage


Kemo has been successfully solving filtering and signal conditioning problems around the world since 1965. Kemo, Inc. is responsible for the western hemisphere. Products are made in the United Kingdom by Kemo Limited. Started in Southeast England by mathematicians and electronic engineers, we are specialists in high quality analogue filters, an area where sophisticated mathematical techniques and state-of-the-art circuit design converge. After 50 years we are now into our 6th generation of product. While many model numbers are the same or familiar sounding, we are continually upgrading the products. We are the world leader in the range and quality of our filters.

What do we do?

We design and manufacture electronic filters and signal conditioning systems in the frequency range of DC to 1MHz. Our products incorporate many signal conditioning features requested by users over the years. We also aim to introduce new features to improve system performance. This philosophy has resulted in the most extensive, flexible electronic filter product line available. We produce only pure analogue filters. We have found over the years that some applications fall between the gaps in a standard product range. So we continue to engineer custom systems to many customer specifications.

How do we do it?

We aim to make electronic filters which provide consistent performance within filter response types from year to year. This enables our customers to collect data and analyze it with confidence.
To do this we are like top quality chefs, we only use the best ingredients. Many of the capacitors we use are specially made for us, using the most stable materials available today. NO, we do not make switched capacitor filters. Those cheap and unreliable products that our customers cannot tolerate.
In many of our systems we match the capacitors to >0.02%, this gives us very consistent electronic filters, which are close to their theoretical performance. To the end user this means very consistent performance across a wide number of channels. We build to high quality standards. We often receive units which are more than10 years old back for calibration, and they still meet the same specification that they were initially tested to when new.

What tools do we use?

We use a range of industry standard circuit design packages, most of our circuit board layout we sub-contract to an established company who we have worked with for decades. They layout boards every day, we do not, so they make a better job than we would. Mechanical design is also CAD-based, something which saves considerable time and effort. We e-mail a file and a few days later we receive the parts. It is not paperless, but paper reduced.

Who are you?

There is no such thing as a typical user of our products. We have a wide ranging installed base, spread over the entire world, because so many activities in the scientific, technical and engineering fields require the filtering and conditioning of signals. Whether you read our various notes and guides as a newcomer to the need for signal conditioning and filtering, or arrive as an experienced practitioner, we think we have products that will interest you, and which will offer valuable benefits in your projects. To meet your needs we maintain an inventory of parts. Because we offer such an extensive range of products with numerous variations, our customers understand that for the most part we must use that inventory to build to order. Our deliveries typically run a few days to a few weeks.
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